How To Shave Chest, Back and Head

Things to Always Remember While Shaving

  1. Always use short, slow movements across your skin. Dragging the shaving attachment or going too quickly may cause unneeded irritation. If this occurs, immediately discontinue.
  2. Don’t press down hard. Let the shaver attachments do the work on their own. You’ll know when it’s done when you can’t hear any more hair being cut.
  3. Use your favourite powder on dry skin while shaving.
  4. Always shave before you shower. Wet skin opens the pores which makes it difficult to achieve that smooth finish.

Chest Hair: Chest hair is easily done yourself. To do this, first begin by equipping the Main Shaver attachment. This will do 95% of the work for you. Dust some of your favourite powder over the area you’d like to shave, and using short, slow movements, work your way from the top of your chest’s hairline downwards. Remember to listen to the shaving sound. You don’t need to apply very much pressure to the shaving area; you’ll know you’ve finished using the Main Trimmer when you can no longer hear any hair being trimmed with it. As the last step, apply a little more powder if needed and equip the Finishing Head. Again, your slow, short movements with this head as well and go over the shaving area to remove any stubble left by the Main Trimmer. You’ll get the best results if you shave in front of a mirror. It can sometimes be difficult to see if you’ve missed any spots while only looking down on your chest. A mirror gives you full view of every part of your chest.

Back Hair: Back hair is also quite simple, but almost always requires that you have the help of a partner. As always, make sure the skin is dry before trimming. If it is damp at all, dry it off the best you can and apply some shaving powder to get rid of any remaining dampness. Use the same shaving instructions as above.

As there are different degrees to how hairy a chest or back can be, it is better to work in sections to ensure the best results. Imagine you’re making a 4x4 square and work from one side to the other and then down. It is best if the skin is pulled tight which is easy to do on the chest, but the back is best achieved by stretching.

Head: The Ultimate Personal Shaver can also be used on the face and the head (the Men’s kit even comes with its own Beard Trimmer!). If you are shaving off a long beard or long hair, it is best to use scissors first to cut the hair down to a manageable length, about 2" or 5 cm. Once you’ve done that, use the Main Trimmer attachment to bring the hair down to stubble. Much the same as the rest of your body, apply powder to the area and use the Finishing Head in slow, short movements. Make sure and pull the skin taut and you will have the best and least irritating shaver ever.

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