How To Shave Your Bikini Line/Area

How to Shave an Amazing Bikini Line and Use Stencils for Pubic Hair Designs


Things to Always Remember While Shaving

  1. Always use short, slow movements across your skin. Dragging the shaving attachment or going too quickly may cause unneeded irritation. If this occurs, immediately discontinue.
  2. Don’t press down hard. Let the shaver attachments do the work on their own. You’ll know when it’s done when you can’t hear any more hair being cut.
  3. Use your favourite powder on dry skin while shaving.
  4. Always shave before you shower. Wet skin opens the pores which makes it difficult to achieve that smooth finish.

Whether you prefer to have your pubic area shaved completely, trimmed, or designed, there are many techniques out there to help give the look you want. In the realm of bikini lines there can be a problem with ingrown hairs, razor burn and horrible rashes, along with shaving too much or not shaving enough, the razor slipping out of your hand and the occasional cut. Using a personal trimmer can not only eliminate those painful issues, but also ensures an easier time making the bikini line you want.

Shaving a bikini line means shaving the area that is visible just outside your bikini. Some people prefer this style instead of shaving the whole pubic area. It’s nothing to be afraid of. Just follow the directions below and you’ll have a beach ready bikini zone in no time at all!

Using The Main Trimmer To Do 95% Of The Work

Start by using the Main Trimmer. This will do 95% of the work for you to trim back most of the hair. When you first start to use the Ultimate Personal Shaver, there will be a small learning curve. Since everyone’s different, the amount of shaving required to trim your hair down to the stubble using the Main Trimmer attachment will vary from person to person. Don’t worry that your skin isn’t completely smooth after this step, that isn’t the Main Trimmer’s job.

Note: Sometimes you may need to use the Main Trimmer and the Finishing Head back and forth with each other since the hair may not be short enough for the Finishing Head to work after you have finished using the Main Trimmer.

The Finishing Head Gives You That Silky Smooth Finish

Before you begin using the Finishing Head, save yourself future irritation and use your favourite powder on the shaving area to let the Ultimate Personal Shaver glide freely and smoothly over your skin. When you begin, make sure you use short, slow movements with and against the direction of hair growth.

Touch Up With The Precision Trimmer

We’d suggest putting on your bikini after you’ve completed shaving. It’s always good to check to make sure you got your lines right. If there were any missed areas, simply pull back the bikini edge a little and use the Precision Trimmer to touch it up.

Have Fun With Stencils!

Using stencils is a great way to surprise your lover and have fun with your pubic hair. There are stencils included with each Personal Shaver Kit, as well as different designs available on the website. The included shaving stencils have a light adhesive to keep them in place as you shave around them. The hair length when you’re finished shaving with the stencils should be between ¼-inch and 1-inch.

Sometimes people are apprehensive about using the stencils. Don’t worry, it’s really easy, and it has a lot of similarities to the previous steps that you’ve already learned. To make things easier for you, we’ve included a helpful Stencil Trimmer that is tiny enough to get into those intricate design areas of the stencil you’re using. After using the Main Trimmer and Stencil Trimmer and you’re happy with how it looks, keep the stencil applied and dust on some more of your favourite powder to the area you still need to smooth out around the stencil. Use the Finishing Head the same as before for smooth skin around that area. Once you’ve got your skin smoothed to your liking, carefully remove the shaving stencil by peeling back from one corner. (Don’t worry, it isn’t sticky enough to cause any pain.)


Remember, the Ultimate Personal Shaver trims the hair, but does not remove the actual hair follicles. This means that to keep your stencil design looking nice and clean, you’ll need to regularly use powder along with the Finishing Head around the area as part of your daily grooming routine (some people don’t need to do this as often. It all depends on you and your body).

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