BMS Factory warrants that, for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, the Products manufactured will be free of material defect in workmanship under normal use, provided that you notify BMS Factory of the defect during the Warranty Period. BMS Factory will have the sole rights to define what it constitutes to be damaged and defective. Examples of damage that will not fall under this warranty: battery corrosion, blade replacement, normal wear and tear and/or misuse causing damage or malfunction. If BMS Factory elects to replace a component, such replacement will not extend the life of this warranty. Regardless of when the replacement component was supplied, this limited warranty will end one (1) year from the date purchased. Products must be returned to BMS Factory with shipping paid by the customer for inspection and repair. BMS Factory will not accept any charges for work performed by you or a third party unless such work has been authorized in writing by BMS Factory.

IMPORTANT: Before you decide to spend money on shipping, be sure to review the instructions included with your product or on this website for care, maintenance tips, and solutions which may serve to rectify the problem.

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