Industry Reviewers


Very Bad Cat

"All together, a much more pleasant experience than waxing, and much better results than wet shaving."

Beyond Beauty Basics

"Of course waxing results do last longer, but this a one-time investment and works so well that I have been wearing skirts all week long!"

Useless Men

"Thank you Ultimate Personal Shaver! My wife will let me sleep without socks finally. Well, once I get those nails clipped. Got anything for that?"

Nessasary Makeup

"I tried out the Finishing Shaver on my arms, and it did remove the short hairs but takes some time getting used to as I felt I was using a lint shaver on my arm! LOL [...] The Personal Trimmer is great for perhaps smaller areas that just need minor trimming, such as the upper lip area, or even stray eyebrow hairs."

The Neon Bible

"The Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit ($79.95), a shaving kit for your bikini area or other parts of your body where there’s some hair that needs trimming. The UPSK as I’m going to call it now is designed to give you the closest shave possible with a variety of different doo dads and knick knacks all with a fancy chrome finish."

Daily Dose Coffee

"For bikini line and ladybits, the Ultimate Personal Shaver system is ideal and darn near perfect."

Boutique Flair

"After using this hair removal system daily for 4 weeks, my skin is still absent of the irritation often associated with shaving. The packaging is sleek and attractive. More importantly, these tools are comfortable to hold and the blades are effective in removing unwanted hair without harming surrounding skin."


Other Users


Originally purchased one for my wife, but soon after bought one for myself as well. From a hairy guy's perspective, this is hands down the best trimmer/shaver I have ever used for my furry chest in summer and personal maintenance all year round with no fear... I recommend this to all my girl and guy friends, who thank me for their Ultimate Personal Shaver experience.

Doer Taylor
Toronto, ON

I bought the Ultimate Personal Shaver because I was tired of ingrown hairs, and have to say I absolutely love this product! No more bumps, no more ingrown hairs, no more nicks or cuts and no more pain. Signed, A Very Happy Shopper

Toronto, ON

Works nicely and did not leave me with itching, bumps or other irritations. It does take time to make sure you have gotten everything evenly smooth, but it still makes for a nice alternative to waxing. It is worth the money when you consider the pain and cost of waxing over time OR the pain (awful itching, razor bumps) of using regular shavers. Unless you enjoy suffering from these things, you will be satisfied buying this product.

Albany, NY

Thanks for the best shave I've ever had! I bought the Ultimate Personal Shaver after my husband was part of a demo at the Toronto Sex Show. He is hairy! The trimmer went smoothly through his hair and then they shaved it down to nothing! I've been a faithful user since.

Brampton, ON

After years of shaving rash we now have a fantastic intimate shaving system. There is something very special about shaving each other with no nicks or rash

Kelvin & Robyn Whalley
Tauranga/New Zealand

I bought it for my husband and he likes it. And sometimes I like to use it too))

MIssisauga, Ontario

My boyfriend and I both use it and love it! Its an amazing product! Its so easy to use for both of us, and no nicks of cuts!! I love the fact that I dont have to worry about razor burn anymore, and the buffer makes it easy to keep the area smooth for longer!! :) Definitely brings us closer!!

Toronto, Ontario

I purchased an Ultimate Shaver on Monday at a store in Burlington and got home to find that while I loved the shaver, the trimmer wasn't working properly. I e-mailed the company on Monday evening and I IMMEDIATELY received a response. By Friday of the same week, I had a brand new trimmer in my mailbox at no cost or hassle to me. Here's the e-mail I sent to the person I was dealing with: Hi! I received the trimmer in the mail on Friday-thank you so much for the incredible service and care. I don't think I've EVER been treated so well by a company. Thanks again, P

Burlington, Ontario

We purchased this unit at the Everything To Do with Sex show here in Toronto last weekend after watching the demonstration. I had them show us how effective and closely it shaved on my forearm. We put it to use later that weekend and were very impressed with the units ruggedness and ease of use. There is no razor straight edge to deal with, no cream/lotion/lather to apply and rinse off, just a little talc powder. A lot less complicated and time consuming to use than traditional methods and any other unit we''ve used in the past. NO MESS and NO RAZOR BURN OR NICKS! Works on the most sensitive of areas. We give the Ultimate Personal Shaver TWO THUMBS UP!

G & T Cameron
city withheld, Ontario

Ive tried almost every method of hair removal and always ended up with ingrown hairs. Ultimate gives me the close shave I want without the bumps and irritation. Absolutely brilliant!

Toronto, Ontario

This product is great. I had a noise that was just not ok in my shaver...I email the company and they send me a new one no question ask..that is what I call service... Thank you so much... Francine Mongeon Canada

Francine Mongeon
Ottawa, Ontario

Emily from customer service was absolutely amazing at resolving a problem I had. Her response was overwhelming fast, as well as helpful with my predicament. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who asks. Thanks again Emily.. Carol from Brampton

Brampton, Ontario

Bought mine at the Taboo Sex Show in Vancouver and I love it. I had a problem with the trimmer and they responded right away. They sent me a new trimmer within a week! The customer service is superb. The product is excellent. The results are way better than shaving and last longer! Also its fun, so I look forward to using the product every time. If you try it, Ill bet youll be happy you discovered it too.

Stacie M.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Bought this at the Sex Show in Toronto. I was nervous about shaving the south pole, but hey, the product worked great and I will always shave now. Its the way to go. I actually think its fun shaving.....for now anyway.

Toronto, Ontario

This is a great company to work with. I too had a problem with the shaver (it just stopped working... and yes I changed the batteries!) I emailed them about it and by the end of the week I had a new one. The shaver works so well!! No irritation, just really smooth skin. After the great customer service I told my friends they should get one too!

Name withheld
Vancouver, British Columbia

"I recently purchased the Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit and have been very happy with the results. The Ultimate Personal Trimming Shaver precisely trims hairs in even the more difficult to reach areas. The Ultimate Personal Finishing Shaver then removes any remaining stubble to give a very smooth, velvety finish. There is no irritation in even the most delicate of areas, no nicks or cuts and no appearance of hair."

Littleton, Colorado

I am very happy with my purchase of the Ultimate Personal Shaver. I use it regularly and rarely need to change the batteries. Plus, my skin has never felt softer!

Brantford, Ontario

My wife needed a cordless razor that really did the job. This is it and so much more... The stencils make it fun and now were both as smooth as we want to be.

T&R Richey
Williamsburg, Virginia

There is nothing better than a company that stands behind it product. That is just what this company did. I had a problem with my shaver and have never received such a quick and positive responds. I will recommend the product to my friends!!!

B. Jasper
Minneapolis, Minnesota

What can I say about this product that isnt obvious? It is amazing! The best shave I have ever experienced. I have said goodbye to bikini line bumps forever. Your customer service is excellent. I highly recommend this product to everyone!

WOODBURY, Minnesota

Found this at the "Sex and so much more" show in the Twin Cities! Everyone was great and helpful! And the shaver FANTASTIC! Follow the directions and it all goes SMOOTH!

George & Jeri
city withheld, Minnesota

The box arrived quicky and was packed very discreetly.

Edmonton, Alberta

I had a slight problem with my finishing shaver and the company responded within days to replace it. The service is amasing and there is nothing better than a company that stands behind there products ! Thank you so much

Claremont, Ontario

I always had problems shaving with cuts, razor rash and I never really got a nice shave. Since I bought this, I've had the smoothest skin every day without any irritation!

Jackie Wyatt
Toronto, Ontario

This was a good investment, it made my skin soft and smooth with no burning or cuts.

Name Withheld
Brampton, Ontario

As long as you follow the instructions (pulling the skin taught), and donate a little time to perfection (I'm a real neat freak shall we say) things turn out looking and feeling awsome!

Name Withheld
Toronto, Ontario

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