The engineers at Ultimate Personal Shaver have been working in this industry for over 10 years. There are a lot of other shavers out there that claim to do a good job, but how can you be sure? Great question.

We've built this site to be a portal for you to not only be able to get the best personal shaver in the world, but a place for information. Having the best equipment for the job does no good if you don't have the knowledge to apply to it.

Be sure to look through our Shaving Tips & How-To section for the most up to date suggestions to get the most from your Ultimate Personal Shaver. Like any other shaver on the market, you have to follow the proper shaving guides to get the desired effect. Since personal shaving is a very, well, personal activity, we even encourage input from other Ultimate Personal Shaver users that we will make available on this site. 

By making this information available to you, you can become a shaving pro in no time.

Ultimate Personal Shaver began about 10 years ago with a separate item for each shaving  task such as the initial shave, buffing, trimming, etc. While everyone loved these products, over time, they became dated and in need of a makeover. A few years ago, we began looking into a new shaver. This isn't an easy task, as our customers now demand and deserve more than what our old shaver offered. We wanted to provide them with something that was fun, easy, simple to use and convenient. Introducing the new Ultimate Personal Shaver - available in a version for both women and men.

Since its introduction, the new Ultimate Personal Shaver has been receiving incredible reviews from users and reviewers around the world and has quickly become a customer favourite.

The new Ultimate Personal Shaver offers the convenience of an all-in-one kit with a convenient carry-base and everything you need for an excellent personal shave.

Sometimes, life gets hairy. For those times, trust the Ultimate Personal Shaver.


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